Thursday, 28 July 2011

Week 2- Logo Concepts

Logo Concepts
After selecting a group and production name 'Tocho'. I immediately researched what hell Tocho meant!
Tocho is a Native American Name meaning mountain lion.

I have created many concepts sorrounding the lion and have even attempted incorporating native american tribal patterns into some logo's. Please note that theses concepts are indeed just concepts, rough sribbles and ideas I have put down on paper - please dont judge me on my type! I have currently just placed type in to help with my composition! and haven't given much consideration to it....yet!
Tuesday 10am- concepts have been placed on the 'Wall of Death' ( a constructive, sometimes embarrassing wall, where you recieve feedback from peers and lecturers).
Two main logo cocepts have been selected to be pushed and develop further 
- stay tuned!

Definition of Chosen Words-
Serendipity is when someone finds something that they weren’t expecting to find
Matter thrown away or rejected as worthless; trash.
Presenting facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter
Ponty was a french philospher who took great awarenesss to role that perception plays in understanding the world

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Title Sequence

Definition:A title sequence is the method by which cinematic films or television programs present their title, key production and cast members, or both, utilising conceptual visuals and sound. It usually follows but should not be confused with the opening, which are generally nothing more than a series of superimposed text.


Nurse Jacke:
This is the beginning/opening for a TV series, so I'm not exactly sure if it falls under 'title sequence' however I decided to include it as it has many great design features similar to that of a movie!

I loved the simplicity of imagery used - blurring in and out of focus adds interests and i like the way the type is included and         canimated in the piece!

Another Title sequence I found, again from a TV show ties inperfectly with my first challenge- creating a 'Get Up and Go' moive, although mine of course will be alot less gruesome.  

 1. Fade in on a mosquito landing on a man (Dexter’s) arm. Dexter slaps/kills the mosquito, camera pans out a little to show his facial expression as he wakes up: sinister smile.

2. Title of show: “Dexter” appears on screen. “Blood” splatters on the title.

3. A blurry view of Dexter washing his face and looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. Can’t make out details of facial features. Cuts to a close up of Dexter putting shaving oil(?) on his face. Can only see skin that oil is being applied to and the fingers that are applying it.

4. Close up of Dexter shaving his face, then cuts to a shot of blood dripping down skin.

5. Blood splatters in the sink near the drain. (Overhead shot)

6. Close up of a tissue soaking up blood as the name credits (in red) are eventually “soaked” up too.

7. Cut to a close up of knife cutting through “meat.” The knife and hand that is holding it are dark, and the meat is lit in such a way that it leads the viewer to question what is happening.

8. Another close up of the meat sizzling in a pan. The sizzling sound blends with the theme music.

9. Extreme close up of a mouth chewing the meat. The mouth has a bit of an “evil” smile. At first, I wondered if it was actually animal meat. Very eerie and disgusting.

10. Shot of fingers cracking an egg. Very close up, dead-on shot.

 etc etc...

Transitions: each shot  cuts in and then the camera pans either left/right or up/down (or vice versa). Everything is very close up and dramatic, either looking down on the scene, dead on, or looking slightly up at the action. It is very sinister and creepy. Dexter, a forensic blood splatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night, is introduced. He is very methodical in everything he does: his forensic work, his “serial killer” work, and his everyday activities, such as his morning routine.

Ok so title sequences for actual movies!
Dinner for Schmucks! 

Catch me if you can

Week 1-The Begining

Advanced Media Integration-
This semester I am to create a movie, A title sequence,A Storyboard, Style sheet& stagergy, create logo's and branding and produce a mocked up promotional pack including a poster and a DVD case for my movie! Oh and did I mention that i have to create the majority of this in a program i've never used before?

The challenge
I have just been randomly placed in a group!
Group work is something that i intially dreed but i am now surrouned by a bunch of funny  talented creatives all with unique skills- two heads are always better than one, well in my case 4 heads are better than one!

We have been given 4 words to mould a theme & inspire us to create a story for our movie!
The 4 magic words are:
- Genre: Documentary
- Philosopher: Merleau Ponty
- Word: Refuse
- Vehicle: Serendipity


Group Members-
Yours Truly 

Group Name-
Meaning- Native American word meaning 'Mountain Lion'

Things to do- research words, friend request team, sketch up storyboard & create Tocho's logo!

Happy Days! :)