Monday, 29 August 2011


Brief History of Origami-
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. 
The Japanese word origami is itself a compound of two smaller Japanese words: "ori", meaning to fold, and "kami", meaning paper. Although Origami is a Japanese word, origami first originated in China. Japanese origami began in the 6th Century when Buddhist monks introduced it to Japan.

Today origami is used a lot more than you would think. Design wise origami offers many package solutions currently in the marketplace. Origami provides strength, protects the product and often requires little or no glue.


Final Movie Logo- In Black and Full Colour. This logo is also available reversed out in white with a black background. The penny farthing was used to represent not only the physically bike in the story but also used to reflect the vintage take and gives viewers a rough idea of what the documentary is about!

Please note that I have included my chosen colour palette in the bottom right corner. Soft pastel earthy tones were selected again to represent the vintage style and theme used throughout the movie and branding.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Week 6

Tuesday morning, straight back into it, movie brands are presented and discussion begins on how to assemble our promotional back.
A Poster no smaller than A3 is to be produced along with a DVD case. No glue is to be used but sewing is allowed. 
This week we learnt the importance of mockups- everything works in theory! So how can I produced a case without glue? Folding of course!

Animated Logo

Tocho(Moive Brand)
Animated Production Company Logo
Logo cuts in/on the screen
Text appears
Eyes 'light up' opening, filling the screen(Sound starts) with the appropriate colour/image suited to the following movie.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Movie Brand & Name

Movie Name and Brand....

restored, revive, life, new, energy, collector, hobby, resuse,recycle, recreate, live,
satisfaction, art, design, talent, creative, happy, fun, sidewalk, trash, discard, crafts, environment,charity, useful, object, markets,secret, treasure, discover, picker, pawn, learn, find, observe, serendipity, reveal,renew, perception, understanding, story, memory, abandoned, journey, seek, keeper, cherish, appreciate, adore, value, reverse, time, capsule, store, information, history, captured, freeze, rewind, buried

Okay so its about about and recycling...
Bike-Cycle? Bi-cylce?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Week 5- Production Week

Woo Production Week!
Time for some serious catch up and research!
1. Research vintage movie posters
2. Keep on blogging
3. Think of name for movie & create a static logo
4. Animate production company logo (Tocho)

1. Okay so this is a mood board for the overall look and feel of the movie and its branding. As a group we have decided to do a vintage inspired theme, as it ties in with our story/ documentary!

Movie Posters

I found this and absolutely loved it! The ability to communicate & instantly recognise the brand is amazing! I love the simplicity and style! Although this is not directly associated with my path of branding I would like to try to include this minimal look.

All the posters above are personal work of Graphic Designer,Albert Exergian. 

A collection of interesting vintage style posters I found on the net. Strong yet soft colours (pastels) are used. Photographic and illustrative styles are used. Photographs almost seem illustrative. Straight, clean lines are used in illustrative/ vector works. Colour pallets reflect the era and are predominately made up of browns and earth based tones- blues,greens etc.

Typography- So obviously my poster and DVD pack needs type. I have collected the below typefaces to broaden my knowledge of what typographically was happening at the time (1920s-1950s)

Week 4- Get Up & Go

Get Up & Go!
My first after effects attempt! Poor I know, but i've learnt and taken away alot from this exercise! I'm still confused am feeling a bit lost but I can only more forward from here!

Things to fix (time pending)
Type- Creating my own effects
Layout- Moving type into type safe area
Typeface- Change typeface
Speed- Change photo length
Zoom- Zoom through camera or photo itself

Week 3- Production Company Logo

To help me further refine my logo, i looked up already existing production company logo's for inspiration.
I found that many are very simple and are re-vamped over time.

My final logo is simple is clean. I created my logo using different stroke weights and angles. The type I chose to compliment my illustration was Bank Gothic as this typeface possesses many design elements that my logo uses.

Ta da!!! 

Story Treatment- 
A laid back musician sat down on his couch and began to enlighten me with his story. “You see that red bike outside?” he began, with a glint in his eye. “It might look old but I assure you, it’s still a flawless ride; that bike molded me into who I am today.”
He began to sip his untouched coffee that rested on a wooden table as he paused to reminisce and con- template his words. I was curious. The silence only echoed the creak of the chair as I leaned forward to ask him questions.
“What posses a man to go out and ‘collect’ all this rubbish?” I wondered if my bluntness angered him, but he merely smiled. “Well I don’t see it as rubbish” He began, pausing as he adopted a thoughtful tone. “I see it as something abandon, a forgotten entity, but still full of life.” He
sat back and sipped his coffee, pausing once again as if to find the right words to explain himself. “Its not always easy doing what I do... sometimes you find remarkable things that are just to heavy to carry out on your own. My neighbour, his a good friend of mine his helped me out a lot, driving around with me and helping me carry things up the stairs, like this couch for example.”
Listening to his stories, I became conscious of at least one notion on hand. This hobby brought a cer- tain happiness to this musicians life. These objects, seemed to resonate between each memory and en- rich his own life, but also enriched mine as I further examined the room realizing that “to understand is to experience harmony between what we aim at and what is given.” – Merleau Ponty