Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Week 14 - The End

I did it! I made it to the end of a very busy, stressful semester. Below is photos of my final submission- I had some last minute printing issues but had to let it go in order to make this mornings 8:30am deadline.
Because I used different printers- The orange colour used throughout my brand was represented differently, this along with stock selection was an issue. Following the printers advice I used a 300gsm board to create my packaging- This is not strong enough to work as a package and because blocks of colour were printed directly onto the board this caused cracking!
All in all, a definite learning experience- leave more time to print, save more money to waste up on prints that 99% of the time end up in the bin and definitely experiment more.

Although the printing process was disappointing, I  am happy with my overall brand and absolutely love my title sequence. I really enjoyed this class even if at times I didn't show it. Making movies was something I never thought I could do and am super happy and even proud that now after 14 short weeks I can!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Revised Package Design

Okay, so after todays class I, with the help of Jodie have tweaked my package design. I am still using the same template however am now just approaching it differently. I have turned the template sideways creating a purse/ pouch like case. This works a lot better as a whole piece and the holds the poster and disc inside more effectively.
Further Tweaking-
After mocking up, I realised the folds looked a bit empty or incomplete so did the cover.
I have added typography to enhance the packaging as well as repeating the wheel on the folds to create interest - this works both ways regardless of which fold is on top.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week 13

Time to panic!!! One week to go and everything is due! 
Things to complete
-Package design (refine/set up for print)
-DVD Label             "            "
-Work on Title sequence-
After spending most of my Sunday listening to the same song over and over again I am happy with and completed my audio for my title credit.
Illustrator file has been set up
Time to put it all together!

Package Design

DVD Case- Front of packaging- I know its very rough, but you get the idea-
Things to fix-
-Alignment of the word Bicycle- There are not quite meeting up on the folds.
-Buy buttons/string/ Elastic to fasten poster
-Print at actual size to test that DVD fits correctly
-Watch type of back cover- its looking a little close to the edge of page.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Week 12

Poster Roughs- Trying to resolve composition issues! Proving to be quite difficult.
Simple is definitely more complex! 
I am trying to balance out the graphic element with the amount of text that must be included within the poster. The last one (bottom right) almost seems resolved. Removing the heavy black box at the bottom of the poster and turning it into a strip gives the composition a lot more room to breathe and resolves the issue of the logos throwing the comp out of balance- Almost there! :)

I made it!
After tedious changes throughout the week, I have created my final poster!! phew what  a relief!

After a very brief pat on the back I quickly moved onto my package design.
Basically I wanted to continue the branding from the poster and apply elements to the DVD Label and case ,creating a nice little unified piece. 
Of course none of this can be achieved without mockups-