Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Week 14 - The End

I did it! I made it to the end of a very busy, stressful semester. Below is photos of my final submission- I had some last minute printing issues but had to let it go in order to make this mornings 8:30am deadline.
Because I used different printers- The orange colour used throughout my brand was represented differently, this along with stock selection was an issue. Following the printers advice I used a 300gsm board to create my packaging- This is not strong enough to work as a package and because blocks of colour were printed directly onto the board this caused cracking!
All in all, a definite learning experience- leave more time to print, save more money to waste up on prints that 99% of the time end up in the bin and definitely experiment more.

Although the printing process was disappointing, I  am happy with my overall brand and absolutely love my title sequence. I really enjoyed this class even if at times I didn't show it. Making movies was something I never thought I could do and am super happy and even proud that now after 14 short weeks I can!

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