Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Week 12

Poster Roughs- Trying to resolve composition issues! Proving to be quite difficult.
Simple is definitely more complex! 
I am trying to balance out the graphic element with the amount of text that must be included within the poster. The last one (bottom right) almost seems resolved. Removing the heavy black box at the bottom of the poster and turning it into a strip gives the composition a lot more room to breathe and resolves the issue of the logos throwing the comp out of balance- Almost there! :)

I made it!
After tedious changes throughout the week, I have created my final poster!! phew what  a relief!

After a very brief pat on the back I quickly moved onto my package design.
Basically I wanted to continue the branding from the poster and apply elements to the DVD Label and case ,creating a nice little unified piece. 
Of course none of this can be achieved without mockups-

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